Website Redesign for Therapists & Counselors

You probably think there is something wrong with your existing website. It does not convert well, does not truly reflect your personality/practice or simply does not work on certain devices. Assuming you already have some sort of content on your existing website, a makeover/redesign might help these issues.

This Service Works Best If:

  1. it does not bring a constant flow of potential customers/leads.
  2. it breaks on certain devices (tablets, smartphones.)
  3. it seems to work but it takes a lot of time to load.
  4. it does not seem to represent you as a whole.
  5. it looks like something design-wise is missing.
  6. you want to add new features to it (example: chat, booking, blog.)

Results You Should Expect

  • easy updates on your site – blog posts, editing existing content are now a breeze.
  • users now spend more time on your site due to increased usability.
  • an increased flow of new clients coming directly from your site.
  • candid communication between you and your website counselor (me).
  • improved branding & marketing for your business. 
  • a distinct high-end website that you are confident to spread a word about. 


Our sites are built on WordPress - you can easily customise content even after project completion.


Basic On-Page SEO (meta tags, speed optimisation, server configuration) is assured with each site built.


Have visitors share your site content. All beautifully displayed.

Everything You Need Is Already Sorted Out


Sites require regular care. I will sort out updates and backups.


No unwanted comments, contact form fills and security attacks.

Succees READY

Your site is now on a powerful mission to display your value to the whole world.

Think You Might Need a Website Makeover?