Before & After Client Projects Overview

Sylvie, Couple's Therapist

Sylvie had an old site built by Therapy Sites. It has not been updates since 2014 and had many of the info outdated. I helped her get an overhaul for the existing content by using a purple color combination, to Sylvie’s liking. I also installed an appointment functionality which helps booking meetings really quick.

My Chaos Cure, Treatment Center

My Chaos Cure has a good arsenal of treated patients. The only significant problem they faced was poor branding which made them stand out not in the best way possible. The old site was a hassle to view from tablet devices like iPads, so I made sure it aligns properly on all type of screens (desktop, tablets & smartphones.)

Helen, Art Therapy & Women Counseling

Helen is really a brave woman. Her personal story made me drop tears – I instinctively had to make sure I deliver a high-end product. As with Sylvie, Therapy Sites was her initial choice which, to her saying, does not make the right impression of what I do – people tell me many times the site is confusing and hard to browse. On top of that, it looks a bit 2000ish, I need something refreshing. We reorganized site sections, added call to actions to increase customer interactions and as a bonus, added a blog section where Helen shares her stories. Check the end result for yourself below.

Weatherman Behavioral Health, Treatment Center

A great team of therapists, a portfolio of successful treatment cases & a not-so-great website 🙁 … This is Weatherman Behavioral Center in a nutshell. We had to do something about this. The deadline was a sticking point – three weeks to present the first draft to Director Board. Revised page sections, different font choices, updated color combinations. The end result looks like a notable upgrade. 

I hold a non-disclosure policy for our clients. Personal info has been replaced with fictive names in order to protects clients’ confidentiality. The design for the end client is similar to the one presented on this page.

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